voicethread 3 assignment options

New VoiceThread Assignment Builder in Brightspace

VoiceThread’s updated assignment builder is now even better for tracking participation and grades for VoiceThread assignments. And it still integrates directly into Brightspace.

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Add a VoiceThread to your content

To add a VoiceThread topic to your content area, click Existing Activities then External Learning Tools. Scroll down to VoiceThread and click on the link to add it as a topic.

brightspace external learning tools in existing activities menu

Now you have a VoiceThread in your content area. It will just say VoiceThread. To change this title, click the VoiceThread title topic to edit it. Next to the title, click the divet button to bring up the context menu choose Edit Title. Type in your new title.

voicethread change title in brightspace

You’ll now see these option buttons to work with your Voicethread.

Click the Course Builder button to choose from 3 assignment types: Create, Comment, and Watch.

voicethread assignment builder option
voicethread 3 assignment options

Create assignment

Students will create their own VoiceThreads about your specified topic. These can be automatically added to a student gallery that other students can see and add comments on. It can be graded as a percentage or pass/fail. This VoiceThread training video details how to set up a Create assignment.

*NOTE: VoiceThreads created for a create assignment will ONLY show up for this assignment. They will not appear in a student’s list of VoiceThreads if they go to their account.

Comment assignment

Comment assignments require students to add a certain number of comments to a VoiceThread that you have provided. It can be graded as a percentage or pass/fail.

Watch assignment

This is the simplest assignment for students because it only requires them to view the entire VoiceThread and comments. This is automatically graded as pass/fail.

These are the same assignment types that were available before with upgraded options like a student gallery. Where we really see big differences is in the tracking and grading.

Grading & Tracking

After creating the VoiceThread assignment, you now see this grading view. You can quickly see 3 completion labels: submitted, in progress, and unattempted. You can also see what has been graded and send out a reminder notice for incomplete work with 1 click.

voicethread grading view with completion labels
VoiceThread assignment grade view

Each individual student in the list can be opened up for more options by clicking the divet arrow. Click on a comment date/time in the list to quickly jump to the comment in the VoiceThread. You can also add a percentage grade here. If the comments weren’t satisfactory, choose to unsubmit the assignment for them to do again.

voicethread grading individual student view

Since you can see that a student is “In Progress” it is easier award partial credit for assignments.

*NOTE: Students will only show up in the ungraded list on your VoiceThread assignment if they have previously opened up a VoiceThread for your class. It does not automatically pull in your whole Brightspace classlist. If a student is not even listed as “Unattempted” that means they have not even opened up a VoiceThread yet or attempted the assignment.

What students see

The new assignment builder is also very friendly on the student side. The student view displays

  • VoiceThread assingment title
  • Information that you have provided about the assingment
  • Required actions, comments, etc.
  • Due date
  • Grading scheme (% or pass/fail)
  • Whether the assignment has already been submitted
voicethread assignment student view

IDAT’s VoiceThread assignment builder training

This is the live training about VoiceThread’s new assignment builder presented by the IDAT team. You must be signed into your Meredith Knowmia account to view the video.

Changes from the video:

Forgot to mention – Students will ONLY show up in the VoiceThread list of students if they have opened up a VoiceThread before in your class.  If they have never even opened up a VoiceThread, they WILL NOT show up as “unattempted”.  So if the list of students on your VT assignment looks different than your classlist, that is why.

Follow up – For a Create assignment, students CAN use a VoiceThread they have already created.  But it transfers that VoiceThread to the assignment and it will no longer show up on their homepage.  If they want to use a previous VoiceThread, they should make a copy first.

Note about Comment Moderation – an instance you might use comment moderation is when you want to have responses from students that are private until after the due date. An example would be a comment on what a specific literary illusion meant. If all the comments are moderated and hidden, student cannot read another’s comments to form their response. Then you can open up all the comments to have discuss.

Overall, I’m very impressed with the new assignment builder. If you are already a fan of VoiceThread or just starting out, it will make assignments so much better.

As always, if you need help with VoiceThread in your Brightspace course please contact the IDAT team for assistance.

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