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Video Creation Tools Comparison

Video has come to the forefront with online learning. We have many video tools available but which one to use?

This comparison chart can help you decide which software to use for your or your students based on its features. You can also click the software names in the table heading to jump to our other blog posts about those tools.

* Software changes frequently. This is current as of 8/2/21.

Webcam video recordingXXXXXX
Screen recordingXXXXX
Trim videoXXX
More video editingXX**X
Add text to videoXXX
Add text comments about videoXXXX
Add video comments about videoXXX
Add audio only comments about videoXX
Integrates with BrightspaceXXX
Supports captionsXXXX
Caption creationXXXX

Description of Comparison Features

Self-hosting – this service will store your videos online

  • *Faculty/staff only.  Zoom does record to the cloud so you can host & share videos.  But at Meredith, cloud recordings are set to automatically delete after 30 days so we recommend you move your videos to a different location after recording.  
  • **Not as robust as WeVideo. The extra features for editing are not nearly as robust as WeVideo but you can fade sections in and out, add link hotspots, and video chapters.

Webcam video recording – captures video from your web camera

Screen recording – captures video from your computer screen

Trim video – basic editing options to clip the video at the ends or chunks in the middle

More video editing – editing options beyond trimming: add text, stickers, music, etc

Add text to video – can add text overlaying the video you created (VoiceThread annotation lets you write text over the video during comments)

Add text comments about video – allows text comments from your or others on videos you created

Add video comments about video – allows video comments from your or others on videos you created

Add audio only comments about video – allows audio comments from your or others on videos you created

Integrates with Brightspace – software has an integration that allows you to easily embed or use directly in Brightspace

Supports captions – allows upload of caption files

Caption creation – creates speech-to-text captions that you can edit

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