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Using Turnitin Outside of Brightspace for Instructors

We’ve had several inquiries about how to get similarity scores on student work without submitting assignments in Brightspace. Instructors can do so by accessing their account via turnitin.com.  

If you have used Turnitin in your Brightspace environment already

All you need to do is go to turnitin.com,

  • Click Login,
  • Use the Meredith email you use for Brightspace
  • Choose Forgot Password. 

You will be sent a password reset email so you can access Turnitin.

If you have not used Turnitin in Brightspace previously

You will have to go to turnitin.com, click on the instructors tab, and manually add yourself to the account. 

It is recommended that you enable Quick submit to check papers outside of an assignment.  Here are the directions for doing that:

Enable Quick Submit

Using Quick Submit

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