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VoiceThread Website vs Brightspace Integration – What to Use When

Our Brightspace platform has been integrated with VoiceThread but now we have a new quick link to login to the VoiceThread website that works for faculty, staff, and students. So what’s the difference and when should you use the Brightspace integration vs the website?

What can I do with VoiceThread?

VoiceThread website

I usually find it easiest to create and manage setting from the VoiceThread website. Then when linking into Brightspace, I can just choose the VoiceThread that is already set up and ready to go.

Creating a VoiceThread assignment in Brightspace

The best part about using VoiceThread with Brightspace is that the integration will help you create an assignment and track student participation. Then grades get fed right into the Gradebook. To learn more about it, please see our post about the VoiceThread Assignment Builder.

brightspace voicethread assignment grading screen

Signing into the VoiceThread website

For using VoiceThread outside of Brightspace, you will need to sign in using the links found on the My Meredith portal pages.

Find the link on the My Meredith portal page. Click the link. The next page will ask you to pick which Google Account to use (choose your Meredith Google Account) and then you will be automatically logged into the Voicethread website.

For Faculty, the VoiceThread for Employees link is in the Campus Applications block on the left of the Faculty page.

For Staff, the VoiceThread for Employees link is in the Systems & Application block on the right of the Staff page.

For Students, the VoiceThread for Students link is in the Campus Applications block on the left of the Student page. **The screenshot shows a link that says Employees. It shows me that because I’m an employee. Students will see it say VoiceThread for Students**


my meredith faculty page voicethread link in campus applications box


my meredith staff page systems application block


my meredith student page campus application block

Using VoiceThread website for group projects

VoiceThread is perfect for group projects and assignments! You can create a group to share your VoiceThread with and manage their permissions on whether they can view, comment, or edit a VoiceThreads within the group.

Everyone at Meredith has access to VoiceThread so anyone can be added to a group. Click one of the buttons below to jump over to the VoiceThread tutorials about groups.

Allowing others to add media slides to VoiceThread

Besides creating sharing groups, VoiceThread also works well for group projects because you can set it so other can add their own media to the VoiceThread.

By default, anyone allowed to comment on your VoiceThread can also add a slide. This permission can be granted through sharing the VoiceThread individually or by sharing it with a group. Click the button below to view the tutorial on the VoiceThread website about how to add slides to a VoiceThread.

If you have any questions about using VoiceThread, you can explore our VoiceThread module on InfoBase Learning Cloud (login directly here or from the My Meredith portal) or contact the IDAT team.

Happy VoiceThreading!

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