kaltura vs techmith knowmia platforms

Kaltura vs Techsmith Knowmia at a Glance

We are officially doing a whole campus switch over from TechSmith Knowmia to the the Kaltura Video Platform!! 🎉

TechSmith announced earlier this year that they are phasing out their Knowmia video hosting platform so we’ve been busy behind the scenes vetting and test software for replacement.

Now that Kaltura has been officially chosen as a replacement, we want to help you get familiar the tool. To start off, we’ll highlight what features you will find in Kaltura that you have already been using in Knowmia.

TechSmith Knowmia vs Kaltura feature comparison

This is a quick look chart of features available in Knowmia and how they are the same or different in Kaltura.

Use the in-line links to jump to information on specific features. Or head over to our Kaltura video platform training page to watch an overview training, learn how to access Kaltura, and walk through testing some of the common Kaltura uses.

FeaturesTechSmith KnowmiaKaltura
Upload VideosEasily upload pre-recorded videos.Easily upload pre-recorded videos
Edit VideosTrim video.Trim, clip, chop, and splice video.
Video chapters.
– Fade in/out.
Link to external URL or jump to different point in video hotspot popup.
Video Capture– Screen capture.
– Chose the portion of screen to capture.
Express capture to record camera and audio from browser.
Kaltura capture software (download) will capture webcam, screen, or both simultaneously.
– Choose multiple cameras like webcam and document camera.
Zoom IntegrationZoom meetings set to cloud record automatically sent to Knowmia.Zoom meetings set to cloud record automatically sent to Kaltura.
Captions– Manually turn on captions.
– Edit speech-to-text captions.
– Assign someone to help with captions.
– Auto generate captions and transcript.
Edit speech-to-text captions.
– Find and replace in captions.
– Search within captions and transcript.
Allow others to have caption editing rights (co-editor).
Sharing Video to BrightspaceLink to Brightspace course in Content area as external learning tool.Link videos in Content area by inserting existing content.
Add videos anywhere there is a text editor by using the Insert Stuff button.
– Videos related to the specific course can be added and managed in the Media Gallery specific to each course.
Sharing Video Outside Brightspace– Set privacy for a sharing link.
– Website embed code.
Set privacy video and share link.
– Website embed code.
– Publish to Meredith’s stand alone Kaltura video website (MediaSpace) through channels or playlists.
Sharing Video Rights– No rights sharing.
– Create a copy and transfer ownership.
Change owner or add collaborators with different permission levels:
– co-editor
– co-publisher
– co-viewer.
Video QuizzesAdd 4 different quiz questions:
– Multiple Choice
– Fill in the Blank
– True/False
– Open-ended Question
Add 4 different video quiz questions:
– Multiple Choice
– True/False
– Reflection Point
– Open-ended Question
Link to Gradebook in BrightspaceLink with Watch grades. Students get a grade based on percentage watched.Link with video quizzes. Students must complete quiz questions for grade to be recorded.
Video Comments/DiscussionDiscussion feature with annotation tools.Enabled/disabled comments for any video.
Supports time-based comments and timestamps within a comment
– Comments available for videos within the Media Gallery of Brightspace as well.
Organizing VideosAll media visible in My Library organized by folders and sub-folders.All media visible in My Media organized by comprehensive tagging and search/filter feature.

Overall, you’ll now be able to do the same things with Kaltura but better! To get started, head over to our Kaltura video platform training page to watch an overview training, learn how to access Kaltura, and walk through testing some of the common Kaltura uses.

If you need more help, please contact the IDAT team.

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