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TechSmith Knowmia to Kaltura Transfer. What Do I Need to Do?

It is quite a change from TechSmith Knowmia to Kaltura and we know everyone is anxious to know what you need to do after the video transfer. It may take a little adjustment but we know the new features will be a great addition to the campus.

What is being moved from Knowmia to Kaltura?

We are bulk migrating video content from TechSmith Knowmia to Kaltura. Videos CREATED BEFORE JULY 15th, 2021 are all included in the bulk video migration. You do not have to download and transfer any of these videos from Knowmia.

What if I created videos in TechSmith Knowmia since July 15th?

Zoom cloud recordings since April 6th, 2021 have already been saved to your My Media library in Kaltura. You will not need to transfer these videos from Knowmia unless you have edited them in Knowmia.

Any other videos created on or after July 15th, 2021 will have to be manually downloaded by you and uploaded to Kaltura.

When will videos be available in Kaltura?

The video migration has started! It is not officially complete but you should now see most of your videos in your Kaltura My Media.

Once the videos are completely migrated, you can go through and update links as you have time or your course progresses. More details about that are below.

Can I still access TechSmith Knowmia?

Yes you can still access all your content in TechSmith Knowmia through the end of October. After this date:

  • no more access to your videos through the TechSmith login
  • any Knowmia video links in courses will break
  • Knowmia video share links will break

After the migration, what do I need to do with my videos?

After videos are moved over, what to do from there? We’ve created a checklist to help you know just that! Here is a link for you to save a copy the checklist for you to use for yourself.

To do before the end of TechSmith

Some tasks that need to be completed after the video migration would be best to finish before the end of October when we lose access to TechSmith Knowmia.

  • Checked that all my TechSmith Knowmia videos are available in Kaltura
  • Updated all website or My Meredith video links for pages I am in charge of
  • Updated all website or My Meredith embed videos for pages I am in charge of
  • Relinked any TechSmith Knowmia video links in my courses
  • Check that video quiz questions are set at the right time in the video – the questions may be a bit shuffled or at the wrong time after the video transfer. 
  • Check that video quiz questions are showing the right answer – although the right answer may have a green checkmark in the quiz editor, it may not be showing the students the right answer. Please see the video quiz section below to learn how to fix this.

Please start updating course links, webpages, and embeds now to point to any videos already available in Kaltura! You want all your video information transferred and ready BEFORE your access to TechSmith Knowmia ends. Please do not wait until the last minute to get started.

Other video tasks

Other tasks would be helpful for grading and organizing your videos but are not essential before we lose access to TechSmith Knowmia.

  • Make sure your titles are clear and descriptive (ex. EDU208_F2021_Lesson 1_Pedagogy; MKT_F2021_Going Strong_version1, using an underscore is optional)
  • Add a description to your video
  • Add tags to your videos – these can replace your folder system so you could add tags for class title, year, topic, etc.  Tags can be single words or phrases.
  • Add quizzes to your video to connect them to the gradebook – unlike Knowmia, there are no watch grades.  If you want grades for a video, it needs to have at least 1 quiz question.
  • Add collaborator permissions to share videos with your colleagues or team

This list is available for you to save a copy and use for yourself and we encourage you to do so. Some details about how to do these essential tasks are below. Or you can visit our Kaltura resource page for any Kaltura use questions.

Brightspace updates after the video transfer

This section details how to do some of the Brightspace tasks that need to be done after the video transfer.

1. Relink videos in the content area

Any links that you have to Knowmia video content will still work until our last day with Knowmia. After that date, Knowmia video links will not work.

You will need to identify anywhere in your course that you have Knowmia video links and replace these with links to the same video in Kaltura.

The video below details how to add a Kaltura video link using the Existing Activities then Add Kaltura Media. This is what people are most familiar with since this is how you added Knowmia videos to the content area.

Unlike TechSmith Knowmia, Kaltura also allows you to use the Insert Stuff button in the text editor to insert Kaltura videos in announcements, discussions… anywhere there is a text editor. To see how to do that check out the video below. You can use this method instead of inserting the video using the Existing Activities menu.

2. Edit any video quizzes

We are working with Kaltura to transfer quiz questions as best we can.  Unfortunately, the quizzes will not transfer over exactly as you see them in Knowmia.  The platforms are just too different.  What we know so far about quizzes is this:

  • Kaltura does not have a “fill in the blank” question type.  These will transfer to Kaltura as “open ended” questions (paragraph style)
  • the questions will not be added to the video at the right time stamps.  You will have to change the timing of the questions.

The video below details how to edit your video quizzes and change the timing of the quiz questions.

You will also need to make sure that the right answers are REALLY the right answers! Even though they may look correct, the quiz may be marking the wrong answer correct for students. Please see this video about how to fix that.

I know that isn’t quite as smooth as we would like but you will not have to completely recreate and retype every question.  Plus there are many other advantages for Kaltura quizzes like directly linking to the Brightspace grade book.

You will have access to refer back to TechSmith Knowmia until the end of October to view any of your old quizzes.

We’re here for you

We know this is all very new and not great timing but the IDAT team is here to help! Please let us know if you have any questions, concerns, or need help with anything during this migration by emailing us at

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