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Set Pronouns in Zoom and Brightspace

Both Zoom and Brightspace have recently added the option to set personal pronouns within their systems. These must be manually set by you the user. Zoom appends the pronouns to your name and your can choose how they are seen. Brightspace adds pronouns to the user profile card and Classlist and they are always visible to all users.

In each system, you will type in your own pronouns as opposed to choosing from a set list.

zoom pronouns viewed as appended to name
brightspace pronouns visible on profile card

Adding pronouns in Zoom

Head over to the Meredith Zoom portal and choose Profile on the left sidebar. Right under your name and display name are the pronoun settings. Type your pronouns in to the Pronouns box. Then choose an option from the dropdown under How would you like to share your pronouns?.

  • Always share in meetings and webinars
  • Ask me every time after joining meetings and webinars
  • Do not share in meetings and webinars
zoom profile pronoun settings

Click Save and you’re all set! You can come back any time to change your pronouns or how you share them.

Adding pronouns in Brightspace

Updated 7/11/22

Although Brightspace is connected to your registration information with the college, there are no pronouns already set in the system. To get to the pronoun settings in Brightspace, click your name in the top right corner and choose Account Settings from the menu.

brightspace user menu account settings

The Pronouns setting are right at the top. You have to click the checkbox to optin to Allow others to see my pronouns. Then you click the radio button next to Use different pronouns and type in the pronouns you would like to set on the system.

brightspace settings pronoun options

Click Save and Close to finish. You can return to this page any time to change or turn off the ability for others to see your pronouns.

Pronoun visibility

Pronouns are now visible in the Classlist next to the user name.

brightspace pronouns in classlist

Pronouns are also visible on the user profile card that can be brought up on hover in areas like assignment evaluations.

brightspace pronouns visible on profile card

For more information on this, please contact the IDAT team.

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