Creator+ Intro

Each day a new box will activate. Click the boxes to learn more about a Creator+ feature and jump to Brightspace to try it yourself. *Click the fullscreen button on the video to expand.

Creator+ Intro
Welcome Accordians Tabs Click & Reveal Callout Timeline Flipcards Stylized Quotes Carousel HotSpot Fill In The Blank True or False Sorting Sequencing


Creator+ allows you to easily create interactive elements in your Brightspace courses.  Click the video below to watch a short intro about Creator+.


Creator+ accordion with images screenshot

Element.  Create numbered or unnumbered accordions to separate and highlight a list or closely related items.


creator+ tabs with image screenshot

Element.  Break large blocks of information into distinct parts.  Great for lists and allows images in tabs.

Click & Reveal

creator+ click and reveal question screenshot

Element.  Click to reveal the answer for more information. Use for reflection questions or optional learning resources.


creator+ attention callout screenshot

Element.  Create an aside or highlight a key area of information


Element. Present information in a linear order such as events or dialog.


creator+ flipcard screenshot

Element. Display items or Q&As that don’t have a strict relationship or order.

Stylized Quotes

Element. Call attention to quotations.


creator+ carousel example screenshot

Element. Mini slideshow with image and text.


creator+ hotspot cell example screenshot

Element. Highlight different areas of an image to click for more information

Fill In The Blank

creator+ true false question screenshot

Practice. Choose the appropriate word from the dropdown menu.

True or False

creator+ true false question screenshot

Practice. Simple true or false question.


Practice. Drag and drop sorting activity by categories.


Practice. Arrange steps in a process or order.