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Inclusive course design and pedagogy aims to tackle the inequities in our classrooms and make them welcoming and accessible to all students.  We can get closer to this goal by applying these principles (from CELT at Iowa State University)

  • Being Flexible – open to change and versatile
  • Being Equitable – ensuring consistency and accessibility for all
  • Working Collaboratively – involving students and stakeholders
  • Supporting Personalization – recognizing that successful learning and teaching is governed by personal difference
  • Embracing Diversity – creating opportunities to develop awareness of diversity and global issues

On this page you’ll find all of our Inclusive Design & Pedagogy resources to apply these principles to your classroom and strive for the success of all students.

*This is a new page and we have not collected many posts & topics yet.  Please check back regularly to see more!

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Newest Inclusive Design & Pedagogy Topics

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More Resources

Although inclusive design goes hand in hand with Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and Accessibility, they are not always the same.

This page will focus on all kind of inclusive design and pedagogy but if you are looking for resources specific to UDL and accessibility, please just over to our page specifically dedicated to that topic.

Using inclusive design and pedagogy isn’t just a “good idea” – it is well researched and advocated by leading education organizations as benefiting students and educators.

We can’t possibly talk about everything related to inclusive design and pedagogy here on this blog so this is our big list of citations, resources, and research for you to dig in more. 

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