Creator+ for Brightspace

New Brightspace engaging content is here!!  You can now easily create engaging elements and self-practice right inside Brightspace Content.

Come explore the new options with us! We have 14 days of Creator+ hands-on, bite-sized practice. 

Just click the boxes below to read about a feature of Creator+ then try it yourself.

Creator+ Intro

Each day a new box will activate. Click the boxes to learn more about a Creator+ feature and jump to Brightspace to try it yourself. *Click the fullscreen button on the video to expand.

Creator+ Intro
Welcome Accordians Tabs Click & Reveal Callout Timeline Flipcards Stylized Quotes Carousel HotSpot Fill In The Blank True or False Sorting Sequencing


Creator+ allows you to easily create interactive elements in your Brightspace courses.  Click the video below to watch a short intro about Creator+.


Creator+ accordion with images screenshot

Element.  Create numbered or unnumbered accordions to separate and highlight a list or closely related items.


creator+ tabs with image screenshot

Element.  Break large blocks of information into distinct parts.  Great for lists and allows images in tabs.

Click & Reveal

creator+ click and reveal question screenshot

Element.  Click to reveal the answer for more information. Use for reflection questions or optional learning resources.


creator+ attention callout screenshot

Element.  Create an aside or highlight a key area of information


Element. Present information in a linear order such as events or dialog.


creator+ flipcard screenshot

Element. Display items or Q&As that don’t have a strict relationship or order.

Stylized Quotes

Element. Call attention to quotations.


creator+ carousel example screenshot

Element. Mini slideshow with image and text.


creator+ hotspot cell example screenshot

Element. Highlight different areas of an image to click for more information

Fill In The Blank

creator+ true false question screenshot

Practice. Choose the appropriate word from the dropdown menu.

True or False

creator+ true false question screenshot

Practice. Simple true or false question.


Practice. Drag and drop sorting activity by categories.


Practice. Arrange steps in a process or order.

Have fantastic use cases, questions, or need other help with Creator+?  Contact the IDAT team and our Instructional Designers Paul and Stacy are happy to help.

Where to Access Creator+?

All Creator+ features are accessed from the Content section of Brightspace.

  1.  From Upload/Create menu, choose Create a File
  2. Open the Other Insert Options menu (+ icon)
  3. Choose Insert Practice or Insert Element 
  4. Choose the Creator+ practice or element to edit
  5. Edit 
  6. Click the Insert button to add it to your content
A GIF illustrating the steps to insert Creator+ content. From the Content area, choose the Upload/Create menu and Create a File. Open the Other Insert Options menu. Choose Insert Practice or Insert Element. Edit your element and Insert.

More Resources

Explore each of the elements and practices with many highlighted examples, use cases, and best practices.

This is a free course from Brightspace titled Creator+ Instructional Design Best Practices.  It is available on the D2L community page after logging in.

An intro webinar to Creator+ from the Brightspace software company D2L.

Learn how to insert elements, practices and templates to create dynamic content that will wow your learners! 

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