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Kaltura cloud video hosting is our new campus-wide video platform available to all faculty, staff, and students.  It has a robust set of features and integrate closely into Brightspace as well as having a free standing media website for use by anyone at Meredith called MediaSpace.

This is the main page to find all of our Kaltura tutorials and resources. It will be updated regularly.

For specific questions and other training help, please contact the IDAT team.

Main Resources Pages

This is a comprehensive how-to resource that focuses on the Kaltura Video Platform and standalone MediaSpace website.

  • adding content to Kaltura
  • editing videos
  • collaborating, sharing, & managing videos
  • quizzes & comments 
  • analytics
  • and more

This is a comprehensive how-to resource that focuses only on using Kaltura within Brightspace.

  • Media Gallery
  • embedding content
  • video quizzes
  • and more

Where to Access Kaltura

Access Kaltura from 2 separate places: the stand-alone MediaSpace website or through your Brightspace course.  

MediaSpace = Faculty, Staff, Students           Brightspace = Faculty, Students


We have navigation links added to your Brightspace course.

Brightspace Kaltura navigation screenshot


Meredith’s Kaltura Mediaspace site

Sign in is similar to Brightspace.  Choose Faculty/Staff or Student.


video hosting pilot banner

A list of basic quick tasks for you to practice and become more familiar with the Kaltura software.  Each task includes an estimate of how long it should take.  Do all the tasks a once or do just do one. 

Latest Updates about Kaltura

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