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D2L Brightspace is the current learning management system at Meredith College.

Every Meredith course has a Brightspace instance where you can create engaging activities, craft assignments, collect student work, and set up a grade book to automatically calculate for you.  These course spaces are not just for online/hybrid courses but are also excellent for sharing necessary resources and information with face-to-face students.


Newest Brightspace Topics

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Learn all about building your course in Brightspace!

  • Communicating with students
  •  Publishing content
  • Evaluating assessments
  • Personalizing the experience
  • And more

This is a free course from Brightspace titled Brightspace Guided Training for Instructors.  It is available on the D2L community page after logging in.

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You can now easily create engaging elements and self-practice right inside Brightspace Content.

Check out the Creator+ page to learn more about creating:

  • Flipcards
  • Timelines
  •  Tabs
  • Hotspots
  • Sequencing
  • Sorting
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