From low-tech to high-tech the IDAT team is here to help faculty and staff find solutions through training and consultations in support of instruction and office productivity.

Ready to try something new?

If you have just dipped your toes in the ed tech and instructional design waters or you are feel like you’ve got the basics down, we’ve got something for you!  Why not try out a topic based on your skill level?  Just click a gauge or title below to jump to a list of topics.

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Advanced Topics
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A little preparation and setup at the beginning of the semester can really put you on the path to less work and less stress for you courses.  So let’s start right for a successful semester!

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Want training specific to Meredith College software?

Along with Infobase Learning Cloud trainings, we now have videos and resources compiled specifically for software and tools we use here at Meredith College.  Employees and students can sign in directly from this link or through the My Meredith portal page.  Just click on “My Training” from the Infobase account drop down.

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Infobase Learning Cloud (formerly Hoonuit) is an online resource that has how-to training on common software and devices. Each online training course is made up of short 1- to 3-minute video segments. This learn-at-your-own-pace solution offers the flexibility to skip lessons you’re already familiar with and review lessons that prove more difficult. All training is online and on-demand.   

Join us for a Live Training!

We offer regular Tech30 trainings and workshops about software and tips for the faculty and staff of Meredith College. Here’s what we have coming up as virtual training.

Tech30: Updating Zoom & Zoom Settings

Tues June 1st @ 1:00 -1:30pm

Fri June 4th @ 10:00 -1:30am

Instructor Success Spotlight

Take a look at what is working for instructors here at Meredith College. 

Video Tools

Want to add more video to your course?  Explore video options and how you could use them for your students.

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Other Resources for Online Learning

Other articles and resources around online learning that we love.  Faculty and staff from Meredith College can sign into these services using your NetID login information.

Online Learning Consortium is a collaborative community of higher education digital teaching and learning.  Read the newest from their blog:

EDUCAUSE is a nonprofit association that helps higher education elevate the impact of IT. 

Try their “7 Things You Need to Know About…” series ->

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