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Infobase Learning Cloud Professional Development and Training

Infobase Learning Cloud (formerly Hoonuit) is an online resource that has how-to training on common software and devices. It also training specifically for software used here at Meredith College.

Updated 2/10/21 with name change information

Each online training course is made up of short video segments and documents.

This learn-at-your-own-pace solution offers the flexibility to skip lessons you’re already familiar with and review lessons that prove more difficult. All training is online and on-demand.

You can even add trainings right into Brightspace for your students to complete as part of your course.

Access Infobase Learning Cloud here.  When prompted to log in, enter your NetID and password.

Meredith specific training

list updated 1/4/21. new trainings updated regularly

  • ALLY Accessibility for Brightspace
  • Brightspace Extras
  • Creating Accessible Content
  • Flipgrid
  • Foxit Phantom PDF & Reader
  • Google Drive for Desktop (formerly File Stream)
  • Lockdown Browser
  • TechSmith Knowmia
  • Turnitin
  • VoiceThread
  • Zoom

Other Training

You will find other quick video tutorials and/or mini-training courses on

  • Google Docs- Sharing  & Collaborating
  • Google Hangouts
  • Word 2021
  • Excel Basics & Advanced 2021
  • Google Meet 2021
  • Searching the Web
  • Zoom 2021
  • Effective Presentation Design
  • Research essentials
  • Leadership Styles
  • Academic Integrity
  • Read Write Gold 11 Training
  • MPA
  • APA
  • many others.

Add Infobase Learning Cloud training to Brightspace

Instructors can assign modules and lessons to their students right from their Brightspace course.

To add Hoonuit content, click the Existing Activites button and choose External Learning Tools from the menu.

Then scroll down to Hoonuit-Assign and click on it to add to content.

brightspace external learning tools in existing activities menu
add hoonuit activity to content

From your content list, click Hoonuit-Assign to choose which Hoonuit training content will be added.

All the training content will be displayed. You can click on Content beside a training module to choose which content from that training module to add to Brightspace. Use the search bar at the top to search for specific content.

hoonuit assignment content search example

You can choose everything from the training module or only include specific lessons. Control this using the checkboxes next to the content.

After you have selected the content you want, click the Submit button to add it to Brightspace.

hoonuit assignment choose content to add with checkboxes

When your Hoonuit training is added, your learners will see something like this. I only chose “What is Voicethreading” from the VoiceThread training so that is what is displayed. Learners can then click on the link to watch the video.

hoonuit assignment learner view

*Notice: Even after your choose the specific Infobase content, the title in the course content list will still only say “Hoonuit-Assign”. We suggest you add a description to the topic to describe WHAT the Infobase/Hoonuit content actually is.

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