Is your course Active?

Once your Brightspace course is ready for prime-time (allow learners to access), make your course active by going to COURSE ADMIN -> COURSE OFFERING INFORMATION and click checkbox next to “Course is Active” about half-way down the page and SAVE.


screenshot of settings page showing course is active checkbox and start date. Only Brightspace administrators can change course start date.
Making course active

Only when an instructor has made the course active, will enrolled learners be able to VIEW/ENTER/ACCESS course up to one week prior to the first day of class and for most this “one week pre-padding” begins a week before at midnight. Every course is also set to now include “one week post-padding” as well. Please contact the IDAT team for changes to START DATE or END DATE upon registrar approval.

NOTE: Learners can see a future course (prior to START DATE) IF the course is active BUT cannot enter sooner than 1 week prior to beginning of semester.

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