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Scheduling Zoom Meetings from Google Calendar

The use of technology across campus has never been greater than it is right now. We have changed the way we work together, the way we meet, the way we learn, and even the way we communicate. With the use of new technology comes new processes for making it all happen, and while the tools are designed to help us move forward, they sometimes leave us feeling like we are being left behind as we struggle to remember new URLs, new processes, new settings we must enable to ensure security is in place. That’s why I really enjoy it when two applications can work together to streamline processes and make our lives easier.

The Zoom Scheduler is one of these tools. It is a Google Chrome extension that allows users to schedule Zoom meetings directly from Google Calendar, making it easier than ever to start an instant meeting or schedule a future meeting and invite others. The meeting URL and information is sent via a Google Calendar invitation email so the attendee(s) can join with a single-click.

Each time a meeting is created via the Zoom Scheduler , users will be able to set security and meeting options on the fly, making it easier to schedule meetings without disrupting the normal workflow processes.

Find the Chrome Zoom Scheduler extension here.

Find the Firefox Zoom Scheduler extension here.

Using the scheduler extension

Take a look at this video for a walkthrough of adding and using the Zoom Scheduler extension for the Chrome browser and to easily add Zoom meetings to Google Calendar.

Sending Zoom meeting invites from Calendar

Once you’ve scheduled you Zoom meeting in Google Calendar, you can easily email out invitations. This helps you track meeting attendees, update attendees on meeting changes, and easily add the meeting to Google Calendar.

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