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New Software: Kahoot! and MindMup

Instructional software tools are everywhere! There are so many engaging, colorful, robust tools out there that we couldn’t possibly support or even know about all them.

But we have 2 new software recommendations for you!

What that means is that we have researched them, vetted them for safety and accessibility issues, and think they will complement the software set me already support here at Meredith College.


This game-based learning platform has been a popular request! It is a great engagement tool which is perfect for distance learning.

You can watch the intro below for a short explanation of Kahoot!

We’ve also linked this webinar from the company about using Kahoot! for distance learning. It walks you through setup and use so you’ll be ready to got for your online classes.


MindMup is a mind mapping software that integrates as an add-on to Google Drive.

What’s a mind map? Well it is a visual way to organize information. You can add photos, upload drawings, add text, and more. And with the Google Drive sharing options, it is super easy to share and collaborate with a group or whole class.

Sample MindMup mind map

MindMup has a lot of quick tips and tutorials on their YouTube channel to get you started with using the tool.

We know these tools can really add to your class experience so take a look! And if you have any use cases for either, we’d love to hear about them.

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