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I Can’t Find My Brightspace Course! + My Courses Widget

It’s the beginning of the semester and course prep is in full swing. But to prep your course you have to find it first!

Current Brightspace courses can be a little hard to find since past courses are all included in the course list. To quickly find your course, we suggest using the search feature found under the waffle course menu or taking advantage of the My Courses widget on the right hand sidebar.

Using the course menu

brightspace course search

Searching your course name + year will give you the best results.

The long course code at the end of the name will give you more information if you are unsure if you are looking at the right course. This is the format: YearSemester16- Name – Course # – Course Section

brightspace course numbering example

Using the My Courses widget

The My Courses widget is an oh so helpful space! You can pin your current course and filter through to find exactly what you are looking for.

Unpin your old courses

Your course widget might be full of old courses if you have pinned them to the top. To unpin old courses, click on the pin button that shows appears in the upper right corner of the course thumbnail.

brightspace course widget pinned course

Now we’ve cleared out all old courses from the widget and it’s ready for the current semester!

View by semester

We’ve recently updated the My Courses widget so you can see your classes listed by semester. You’ll find this at the top. Just click on the right arrow to scroll through the semester list. These are organized alphabetically not by most recent year. So if you are looking for a Spring semester, you’ll have to scroll over until you hit Spring.

brightspace my courses widget filter

Filter & search courses with View All Courses link

At the bottom of your My Courses widget is a link that says View All Courses. Click this link to filter, search, and pin your courses for the new semester.

brightspace course widget view all courses

Now that you’ve clicked the View All Courses link, you will see a list of all courses. You can use a simple filter, sort, or use advanced search options.

brightspace course widget all courses list

Filter by semester or department. As of 1/12/21, we do not have a Roles filter set up so that function does not work

Sort by course name, course code, date pinned, last accessed, and enrollment date. Sorting by enrollment date should bring your newest courses to the top.

brightspace all courses filter
brightspace all courses sort

Advanced search has similar options to the sort and filter plus more. Search by semester, department, status (active/inactive), and course start/end dates.

brightspace all courses advanced search

Pin your current courses

Now that you’ve found your current courses for the semester, you can pin them to the top of our My Courses widget. To pin a course,

  • Hover over the thumbnail for the course
  • A button with ellipsis will appear
  • Click the ellipsis button to bring up a menu for the course
  • Click Pin
brightspace all courses pin course

After following these directions, a pushpin button should show up in the upper righthand corner of the thumbnail to show that the course is pinned. It will also show up at the top of the list in your My Courses widget.

brightspace all courses pin button
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