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Using the New Assignment Experience in Brightspace

In January 2021, the new assignment experience in Brightspace has been updated and rolled out for everyone. The update is supposed to make creating assignments more intuitive and easier for instructors. But anything new can be a big daunting can’t it?

Click a link below to jump to a specific section or browse through all the assignment changes.

Below you’ll find a walkthrough video and screenshots of what you will find in the new assignment features.

Brightspace new assignment walkthrough

Turn new assignment experience on/off

Although the new assignment experience is on for everyone by default, you can turn it off or back on at any time. At the top of the Assignment page, click the divet button to pull down the announcement window.

new assignment optout closed

This is the screenshot of the dropdown announcement window. You can open it anytime. If you have already added information to the assignment and decide you need to turn the new assignment experience off/on, you can do so without losing any information you have already added.

new assignment optout open

The main view of the new assignment experience

This is a screenshot of the new assignment experience. It has been streamlined to reduce scrolling and has clearer titles for the right side menu sections that used to be tabs.

The main portion of the page has a space for the assignment name, grading options, due date, assignment instructions, attachment options, and one click buttons to record audio or video for the assignment.

brightspace new assignment experience

Hover over the attachment options to see a tooltip title of what it attaches.

brightspace assignment attachment options

At the bottom of the page next to the Save and Cancel buttons is a toggle control the visibility of the assignment.

On the right side of the screen are 3 menu boxes that you can open up for more options: Availability Dates & Conditions, Submission & Completion, and Evaluation & Feedback.

Grading options

The default grading option for assignments is ungraded. To change this, click the box under “Score out of”. This then brings up more grading options.

brightspace assignment ungraded view
brightspace assignment grading options

There is now space to type the points total and an In Grades dropdown menu for linking or removing grade items. After you have given the assignment a points value, it will automatically create a grade item in your gradebook even if you do not use the Choose from Grades option to link a grade item. It will have the same name as your assignement.

Choose from grades

Clicking Choose from Grade brings up a popup box that you can create and link a new grade item. Or choose to link to an existing grade item.

A new grade item will automatically have the same name as your assignment. You can change this in the Gradebook. To link to an existing grade item, choose it from the dropdown menu that appears.

brightspace assignment create grade item
brightspace assignment link to grade item

Remove from grades

If you can see the In Grades dropdown menu, that means that a grade item has been automatically added to your gradebook with the same name as this assignment. Choose Remove from Grades to unlink this assignment from the grade item. You will still be able to see the point value you have added but it will not be in the gradebook.

Reset to ungraded

This option will unlink the assignment from your gradebook and your Score Out of box will reset to saying ungraded.

brightspace assignment ungraded view

Availability Dates & Conditions

Click the triangle next to Availability Dates & Conditions title to open up those options.

This section includes options for Start and End dates, Release Conditions, and Special Access.

brightspace assignment availability
brightspace assignment release conditions special access

Submission & Completion

These are the options for file submission.

Select whether this is an individual or group assignment. Then choose file submission type: File, Text, On Paper, or Observed in Person.

Choose how many files are allowed per submission and which file submission is saved. Add an email address to be notified when an assignment has been submitted.

brightspace assignment submissions1
brightspace assignment submissions2

Evaluation & Feedback

This section has options for adding Rubrics and Learning Objectives. You can also toggle on and off your annotation tool. This tool allows you to digitally mark up files submitted by students.

Turning on Anonymous Marking allows you to evaluate the assignment without seeing student names. This must be enabled before any submissions are made.

This also has the option to use our Turnitin integration to manage student file submissions.

brightspace assignment evaluation menu

Hopefully you find the new assignment experience from Brightspace to be an improvement and that it helps you in your assignment creation. As always, if you have questions please contact the IDAT team for any Brightspace help.

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