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Set Up Brightspace Accommodations by Student for All Quizzes

The Brightspace Quiz tool is built with really granular controls for test times, student accommodation, and special access. But that means for a student with a standing accommodation, you have to add that information to every quiz you make.

Luckily the February 2021 Brightspace update has made accommodations easier for us!

Now from the Classlist, you can set an accommodation for a student and it will apply to all quizzes. For now this applies to

  • Timing – either as a multiplier of original quiz time or extra time
  • Allowing right clicks

Future updates will add more options and we’ll update this list when those are available.

Where do I add these student accommodations?

These accommodations can be applied through the Classlist. From the class list, click the divet button next to the name of the student you want to add accommodations for. Then choose Add Accommodations from the context menu.

brightspace classlist student accommodations menu

You’ll then see a popup box to edit accommodations for only this student

brightspace classlist student accommodations popup

Timing accommodations

There are two timing options for accommodations. Click the checkbox next to Modify Time Limits to use a time accommodation option.

Multiplier of original quiz time. If a student has an accommodation for time and a half on any assessment, you can add 1.5 here and the student will automatically receive half time extra on all quizzes. A 60 minute quiz would become 90 minutes.

Extra time. This is just adds a flat rate of extra time for a quiz. Similar to the last example, an extra time of 30 minutes would turn a 60 minute quiz into 90 minutes.

brightspace classlist student accommodations timing
brightspace classlist student accommodations extra time

Right click accommodation

Disabling right clicks during a quiz is a way to deter cheating but it can also hinder students who need to use right clicks with their assistive technology. If you click the checkbox next to Always Allow Right Click, students will now have access to this function for each quiz.

brightspace classlist student accommodations right click

How do these interact with quiz-by-quiz accommodations?

Student level accommodation set from the Classlist are overridden by special access set up in an individual quiz. Let’s look at an example.

I’ve created a quiz. Then under the Restrictions tab I’ve clicked the Add Users to Special Access to change the access for this quiz.

Under the user list, I can see that Cheryl already has an accommodation set to 1 times on quizzes. This was set up by me from the Classlist for Cheryl for all quizzes.

brightspace quiz user accommodation list

But I want Cheryl to have 180 minutes on this quiz. To do this, I set my time Enforced Time Limit to 180 minutes then under the User section click the checkbox next to Cheryl’s name.

brightspace enforced time limit 180
brightspace special access select user

After I click Add Special Access button, I can now see that Cheryl has 180 minutes to complete this quiz. This Special Access of 180 minutes only applies to this one quiz. She is set up to receive 1 times quiz time on every other quiz.

brightspace special access list

This is a big time saver instead of remembering to add recurring accommodations to every quiz. If you have any questions about this or other Brightspace issues, please contact the IDAT team.

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