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Citations, Resource, & Research Roundup – Inclusive Design & Pedagogy

Last updated: 3/31/21

Using inclusive design and pedagogy isn’t just a “good idea” – it is well researched and advocated by leading education organizations as benefiting students and educators.

We can’t possibly talk about everything related to inclusive design and pedagogy here on this blog so this is our big list of citations, resources, and research for you to dig in more. Resources are separated by topic so just click a link below to jump to a topic you are interested in.

As an expansive and ever growing topics, we’ll be adding to this list regularly.

General Multi-topic Resources

Curriculum Transformation and Disability: Implementing Universal Design in Higher Education PDF (2003) Center for Research on Developmental Education and Urban Literacy, General College

Lawrie, G., Marquis, E., Fuller, E., Newman, T., Qiu, M., Nomikoudis, M., Roelofs, F. & van Dam, L. (2017). Moving towards inclusive learning and teaching: A synthesis of recent literatureTeaching & Learning Inquiry: The ISSOTL Journal, 5(1), 10.

Inclusive Design

Design with inclusion? Does that even make any sense? by Peace Ojemeh (Perrie) (2018) UX Collective

Winkelmes, M., Bernacki, M., Butler, J., Zochowski, M., Golanics, J. & Harriss Weavil, K. (2016).  A teaching intervention that increases underserved college students’ successPeer Review 18(1/2), 31-36.

Inclusive Pedagogy

Inclusive Pedagogy page from Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching, Iowa State University

Inclusive Teaching and Course Design by Chris Gamrat (2020) Educause

5 Principles as Pathways to Inclusive Teaching by Soulaymane Kachani, Catherine Ross and Amanda Irvin (2020) Inside Higher Ed

Inclusion & Accessibility

A Taxonomy of Inclusive Design: On Disclosure, Accessibility, and Inclusion by Lorna Gonzalez and Kristi O’Neil-Gonzalez (2019) Educause

The Irony of Inclusion and Accessibility Statements by Freya Möbus (2020) Inside Higher Ed

Inclusion Statements for Syllabus Center for Teaching Excellence, Texas A&M University

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