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Latest Zoom Updates – 12/08/21

Zoom is updating ALL THE TIME! Which is good. It means more features and better user experience.

But it can be hard to keep up. So here we’ll post some of the big new things from the latest Zoom updates for Zoom meeting. This does not include Zoom Phone or Webinars.

A running list of updates is always available on the Zoom website. Just pick your operating system.

November 29, 2021 updates

Automatic updates – Windows, macOS. Enable the desktop client to auto update. Learn more about enabling automatic updates here.

Control presentation slides share by another participant – Windows, macOS. Control the progression of slides for a participant. Supports Google Slides, Powerpoint, and Keynote.

October 25, 2021 updates (version 5.8.3)

Use polling for quizzing – Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS. Build polls that contain multiple question and answer types, images, and automatically record answers. New question types: match combinations, rank answers, fill in the blank.

Profile pictures for chat – Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS. In-meeting chat now shows participant profile picture or initial.

Chat with waiting room participants – Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS. Hosts and co-hosts can now two-way chat with participants in the waiting room.

September 22, 2021 updates (version 5.8.0)

Registration cap – Web. Set a registration cap on meetings. Once the cap is reached, no users can register for the meeting.

Poll access for alternative hosts – Web, Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS. Hosts can allow alternative hosts to add or edit polls.

August 22, 2021 updates

Transfer meetings between devices – Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS. Easily transfer meetings from mobile to desktop and vice versa.

July 18/19, 2021 updates

End of support IE11 – Web. Internet Explorer support officially ends September 30, 2021

No sound or video until consent – Web, Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS. Participants who join a meeting when recording is already in progress will have to consent to being recorded before the they are given back controls to audio and video.

Post-meeting surveys – Web, Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS. Schedule a post-meeting survey to go to participants. See this post for how to use this feature.

Local recording for Immersive View – Windows, macOS. Hosts can capture the immersive view when recording locally to a device. Video thumbnails outside the immersive view will not be captured.

Focus mode – Web, Windows, macOS. When enabled, only host can see participants video and participants shared screen. Host can switch between multiple shared screens and optionally share them with other participants. Learn more about enabling Focus Mode here.

June 22, 2021 updates (version 5.7)

Head here to see the update release notes from Zoom.

Gender pronoun support – Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS. This has been enabled for all Meredith accounts.  Update your Zoom profile with preferred pronouns and choose to include them for all meetings, ask each meeting, or never share. 

Zoom profile gender pronouns

Participant request live transcript – Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS. In meetings and webinars, participants can request the host turn on live transcription.  This can also be done anonymously.  Access this option from the CC button.  Learn more on the IDAT blog or Zoom blog

zoom request li

Pair Zoom desktop client with Zoom Room – Windows, macOS. If you have paired your desktop to a Zoom Room board, you can now choose to start a meeting from the Zoom Room board.  The button for pairing is found in the desktop app.

zoom pair with zoom room button in app

Secure share with window filtering – Windows. Screen capture mode prevents background information, such as windows seen when minimizing a window and maximizing another, from being unintentionally shared. This will only share the content of the window.

Zoom setting screen share advanced button
zoom setting screen share advanced screen capture mode window filtering

Screen share to all Breakout Rooms – Windows, macOS, Linux. The host or co-host can share their screen to all active Breakout Rooms from the main room. Sharing in the breakout sessions are interrupted and any annotation or whiteboarding prompts the sharer to save them before viewing the shared screen from the host. Host and participants must be on version 5.7.0 or higher to utilize and see this feature.

To use this, open the Screen Share popup and choose “Share to breakout rooms” option along the bottom of the share window.  Learn more on the Zoom blog.

Improvements to chat sidebar (for app, not during meetings) – Windows, macOS, Android, iOS. 

  • Separate sections for starred messages/contacts, single- and multi-user chats, and named channels
  • Quick access icons for @me mentions
  • Bookmarked messages, files, and contact requests
  • Changing the icon for named channels to #

May 25, 2021 updates (version 5.6.6)

Mobile support for blurred backgrounds. Android and iOS. Blurred backgrounds now available as well as virtual backgrounds.

Gallery view enhancements. iPad only. In gallery view, active speaker thumbnail is now relocated to the current page.

Improved 3D effects for video filters. Windows, macOS. Enhanced 3D filter rendering when applied to a persons face.

Data privacy notices for meetings and webinar. For archived meetings, webinars with panelists and unmuted attendees, and joining a webinar without registration, participants will be notified who can see, save, and share the information before they provide it

May 3, 2021 updates (version 5.6.5)

Vanishing Pen for Windows, macOS, and Linux: New annotation tool will allow annotators to mark on the shared screen to highlight certain information, but the markings will fade away within a couple of seconds. 

Full suite of emojis for Reactions for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS: Available in client version 5.2.0 or higher, all emojis available for Zoom chat can now be used as a reaction in a meeting. Hosts can restrict reactions to the standard set or allow use of the full suite. 

Immersive view for Windows and macOS desktop 5.6.3+. Place up to 25 participants on a single virtual background! Move around and resize participants on the background. Participants not on Windows or Mac desktop with 5.6.3+ will see the usual view options. Read about it on the Zoom blog here. Or check out the Zoom support article to find out how to use it.

boardroom immersive experience zoom

March 22, 2021 updates (version 5.6)

Additional authentication option: Users in my account. Can require users for a meeting or webinar to be signed into their profile within your account.

Chat enhanced search filter: @me mentions. Filter the chat to just show result where you are mentioned.

Emoji selection in chat. After entering ‘:’ and two or more letters, available emojis matching that description will be shown. For example, entering “:jo” will provide the following matching emojis: :joy:, :joy_cat:, :joystick:, :majong:, and :black_joker:

February 1, 2021 updates (version 5.5)

Viewer controls for webinars. In the View Options menu (upper right corner) you can now choose Follow Host’s View, Speaker, Gallery, Standard, Side-by-side: Speaker, and Side-by-Side: Gallery

Non-verbal feedback to stays up. Any non-verbal feedback given by participants will persist until the participant or host removes it.

Alternative host changes. The original host has the most power. If the original host joins after the alternative host, they will now be the host. The alternative host will then become a co-host (if enabled) or a regular participant.

Limit participants from certain regions/countries. Allow participants from only a certain country or region or block participants from a certain country or region. This is available under Advanced Options.

Rotate camera on macOS. Rotate the camera feed 90 degrees. This can be done multiple times to turn the feed completely upside down.

Blurred backgrounds. Option to choose a blurred background instead of a virtual background.

Share/play video FILES directly to meeting. Under Advanced Sharing Options, choose to allow a video file. Host has usual video player controls (play, stop, volume, etc). MP4 and MOV files are supported in 1080p.

Share mono or stereo audio. Audio sharing options now let you choose mono or stereo sound. Find it next to the Share sound checkbox at the bottom of the screen sharing popup. Or go to the Advanced tab on the screen sharing popup and choose Computer Audio.

zoom share audio mono stereo
zoom share audio advanced mono stereo

Reactions and 1:1 chat for end-to-end encrypted meetings. Now have the option for meeting reactions and 1:1 chats in meetings that are set end-to-end encrypted (E2EE).

December 21, 2020 updates

Changes to nonverbal feedback & reactions (emojis, yes/no, raise hand). All these have now been moved to the “Reactions” button on the main toolbar. All reactions will show up in the corner of the participants’ video plus in the participant list. An total of each reaction will also show in the participant list.

Raise hand now available for host & co-host.

Download poll reports during a meeting. Once a poll has closed, you can download the CSV report even during a live meeting instead of waiting until the meeting has ended.

Revoke pre-approved consent to unmute. iOS users that provided a host pre-approved consent to be unmuted can now revoke that consent through app settings.

Remove chat messages. Host & co-host can remove inappropriate chat messages. Participants can delete their own messages.

December 8, 2020 updates

New users will automatically receive desktop notifications of upcoming meetings. Existing users can enable this option in Settings.

Co-hosts now have the same breakout room controls as the host. This means assigning participants, starting and ending rooms, etc.

Move participants to main session from a breakout room. Now when your breakout rooms are in session, you can hover over a participant’s name and “Move to” any other breakout room or the main session.

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