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Collecting Student Kaltura Video Assignments

Kaltura Video Hosting is a campus wide application which means students have the same access to desktop recording, editing, and hosting as faculty and staff. This software makes it even easier to assign video projects to students.

But how can students easily share a Kaltura video with you? We’ll give you 3 options for collecting student Kaltura videos.

  • Using the Brightspace Assignment tool
  • Using the course Kaltura Media Gallery
  • Using a individual video sharing link

Using the Brightspace Assignment tool

Privacy: shared videos will only be viewable by the instructor

If you set up an Assignment with text submission, students can embed their video into the text submission area. Why do this?

  • All collected videos will be in one place
  • You can view the video right from the browsers, no more fighting with downloading/playing different file types

This video walks you through how to set up a Brightspace Assignment to collect Kaltura videos.

**NOTE: The shared repository instructional video has changed from what was said in the video above. It is now titled “Embedding a Video in an Assignment Submission”.

How will students know how to add their video to the assignment? Well we’ve got video instruction ready for that piece too. The previous video shows how to add this instructional video to the assignment for your students but it is embedded below so you can preview it in advance.

Privacy: once approved by instructor, shared videos will be viewable by anyone with access to the course.

Another way to collect student videos is through your course media gallery. Students will add their videos to the gallery where they can be viewed and commented on by everyone in the course.

To add media, students need to go to the Media Gallery and click the blue Add Media button on the right side of the screen.

brightspace kaltura media gallery add media button

This will bring up a new page for them to browse through their media and choose 1 or more videos to publish.

brightspace kaltura media gallery add media video publish list

Once students have submitted videos, you can see them in the Media Gallery under the Pending tab.

Next to each video is a button to Accept or Reject the video submission. Accepted submissions will appear in the Media Gallery. Rejected submissions will be removed from you pending list.

brightspace kaltura media gallery pending options

This workflow diagram gives an overview of what the whole process looks like.

kaltura media gallery submitted videos workflow

Privacy: shared videos will be viewable by anyone with the share link

The last option is to send an individual link to the video. This option is not within Brightspace so can be shared through email with anyone inside or outside the course.

To get a sharing link for a video, you have to go to Meredith’s standalone Kaltura site called MediaSpace. You cannot copy a video sharing link from within Brightspace. In MediaSpace, click Guest in the top right corner and then choose Login from the dropdown menu.

Once logged in, follow the directions in this video to set the correct video sharing permissions and copy the sharing link.

For any questions about using Kaltura videos with your courses, please contact the IDAT team for assistance.

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