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Resource Map through StoryMap JS

A discussion with Dr. Lanae Hood on the nutrition resource map created for Hunger Week 2022.

What did you do?

Dr. Lanae Hood and nutrition graduate students in Program Planning and Evaluation collaborated with Paul Keys to create an interactive basic needs resource map for Meredith College students. This was part of a class project for the Angels are Aware campaign and Hunger and Homelessness Awareness week led by Dr. Rebecca Hagedorn-Hatfield. Lanae and her students first worked to compile a list of campus resources and locations. Nutrition graduate students then worked in small teams to create videos for several of the resources including the Daisy Trade, our on-campus food pantry, and Dining by Daisy Meal Kits. We relied on Paul to make the map come to life using StoryMap.js, a website hosted by Northwestern University that is completely free for use by instructors and students.

Why did you do it?

Lanae and Rebecca study food insecurity among college students. Through our research, we have learned that about 40% of Meredith students are food insecure and many of them are unaware of how to access resources for food and other basic needs. Many students are also reluctant or embarrassed to ask for help when they need it such as visiting the Daisy Trade or signing up for a meal kit. We thought that an interactive resource map would be helpful to highlight and connect students to campus-based resources such as the Daisy Trade, the Dining by Daisy Meal Kit Program, the campus garden, the Chaplain’s Emergency Fund, and services like the Counseling Center. We would like to normalize the use of the food pantry and for students to feel comfortable using all of these resources.

What was the outcome?

The interactive map includes the location of each resource, website links, and videos. The map was distributed at the Basic Needs Resource Fair via a flyer with a QR code and featured on the Hunger Week website. This is an amazing resource because we can continue to add to it over time and incorporate other resources local to the Raleigh area. It has also made it easier for us to connect directly with students in need of a Dining by Daisy Meal Kit by simplifying the sign up process.

About StoryMap JS

StoryMap JS is a free site provided by Northwestern University that creates maps, timelines and other data visualizations

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Maps take standard video and images but also support media sources such as Twitter, Wikipedia, Soundcloud, Vimeo, and more.

For more information on using StoryMap JS in your class, contact Paul Keys at

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