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Software Training Video Page

Did you know we have 100+ software training videos? We’ve captured a lot since the beginning of our push to record more videos and they are all available for your here on the Software Training Video page in Kaltura MediaSpace.

Here is a short description of the page channels and what videos you will find there.

IDAT software training

This channel is training for any of the software supported by the IDAT team. Videos may be one topic shorts, Tech 30 sessions, or longer in-depth trainings. Any videos found on this blog can also be found on the video page.

Software for Accessibility

Accessibility is a large and complex topic. Most of the videos in this channel break down the accessibility options of Meredith software into short video segments to make them easier to use and understand.

Playlists are organized according to the software or the accessibility feature (such as captioning) and include a mix of IDAT videos and training videos directly from the software vendor.

Tech How-tos

This channel is topics from the Help Desk so will over more than just instructional software.

Software of New Employees

The newest channel on the list, this is a joint effort between the Help Desk and IDAT team to help introduce the basics of Meredith software to new faculty and staff. Check back often as we build this into a go-to resource for new employees.

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