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Kaltura Storage Plan and Automatic Deletions

We are excited to share an important update regarding our Kaltura video system, aimed at optimizing our resources and ensuring an easier maintenance experience for all users. Beginning this month, October 2023, we will be implementing this new video storage plan for all Kaltura accounts.

Key Highlights of Our New Video Storage Plan:

Streamlined Video Management: Our new plan focuses on automatic video storage deletion, making it easier for all users to manage their media.

Changes include:

  • Automatic deletion for unpublished videos that have not been played in 12 months
  • Notification emails 7 days before video deletion

Responsible Resource Utilization: Regular video maintenance ensures that our video system is used responsibly by clearing unnecessary storage, reducing costs, and deleting old videos with student data.

What Does This Mean for You?

  • Videos that meet the criteria for deletion will be automatically identified for removal from your account.
  • This policy will be an ongoing process to ensure that our video storage resources are optimally utilized.
  • Automatic notification emails will be sent out 7 days before any video is scheduled for deletion. These emails will include information about the video(s) in question.
  • Emails will come from notifications@kaltura.com. Please whitelist this address as needed to ensure you receive the notifications.
  • Videos can be played or published to remove them from the deletion pool (see instructions below)
  • Please note that as long as your videos are regularly accessed or published, they will not be affected by the automatic deletion.

We understand the value of video content to our campus, and we are committed to making this transition as smooth as possible. If you have any questions or concerns about our new video storage plan, please feel free to contact IDAT@meredith.edu.

Saving Videos from Deletion Pool

Videos added to the deletion pool are

  • Not played in the last 12 months AND
  • Unpublished

You will receive a notification email 7 days before deletions listing which videos are marked for deletion.

To save videos long term, the best option is to have a curated space to publish your videos. They can publicly published to a MediaSpace page for the community or put into personal playlists, courses, or channels (a space with multiple playlists).

Access and create playlists or channels from MediaSpace. Click your name to display your account menu and choose My Playlists or My Channels. These are personal to you.

kaltura mediaspace menu with channel and playlist highlighted

Videos that are published in Brightspace course or Media Gallery are also exempt from deletion.

!NOTE: An original video and a Quiz are considered 2 different media items! The original video may get deleted if only the Quiz is published. Please publish your original videos as well.

Sandbox courses

Sandbox courses are a fantastic place to publish videos. You can organize them in the Content area or bulk add them to the Media Gallery.

We always encourage you to maintain and delete videos outside of this automatic deletion process. It is important to the health of our system and your personal organization to regularly manage your media library. Check out our Kaltura Media Storage Best Practices for more information and tips.

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