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This page covers using Kaltura inside a Brightspace course.  These resources are applicable to all faculty.

Content is broken up into sections and listed below.  Go through the sections in order or click on a number to jump to that specific section.  Simple explanations and tutorials are given for each topic.  If you have any questions, please contact the IDAT team for assistance.

Please see the Kaltura Video Platform page for information about using the Kaltura platform.

**This page is still a work in progress. It is currently being updated**


Get Started


Embedding Videos


Media Gallery





1. Get Started

This Get Started section is for general resources and overview trainings.  For more specific topics, browse through the other sections of this page.

  • Overview
  • Access Kaltura

This video was presented at the Faculty and Staff Planning Week 2021.  It is an overview of the very basics of creating and embedding content with Kaltura in Brightspace.

You will need to be logged into MediaSpace to access this video.

Kaltura with Brightspace Overview

There is a Kaltura option on the main navigation of Brightspace.

You can access Kaltura My Media from any course.  The Media Gallery link in each course is unique for that course and term.

kaltura brightspace naviation dropdown

2. Embedding Videos

You can directly embed Kaltura videos into the Content and other areas of Brightspace for students to see.

You cannot link a video to the gradebook when embedding like you did with TechSmith Knowmia. To add a grade, you have to add at least 1 quiz question to the video or use the video analytics to manually add a grade for the student.

  • Embed in Content with Existing Activities
  • Embed Anywhere with Insert Stuff
  • Edit Embedded Content

One way to embed videos in the Content area is to use the Existing Activities dropdown.

Click the Existing Activities button and choose Add Kaltura Media from the dropdown menu.

kaltura add through existing activities button

Now you will get a popup box to choose your media.  Use the search box at the top or scroll to the video you want to embed.

Click the blue Embed button next to the video to add it to your Content area.

kaltura embed content popup box

This method inserts the video as a link in the Content area.  

kaltura link in content area from exisiting activities insert

A new method to use videos is through the Insert Stuff button in text editors.  This is the 2nd way you can add videos to the Content area but it works in many other areas of Brightspace.

The Insert Stuff method of embedding videos works anywhere on Brightspace that has a text editor.

  • Announcements
  • Assignments
  • Content
  • Discussions
  • Module/topic descriptions
  • etc

A text editor is the text box that looks like this.

brightspace text editor


This example is for a Module description but it will work anywhere with a text editor.

Click the Add description under the Module header to bring up the text area.

brightspace module header add description option

Now in the text editor you need to use the Insert Stuff button.  It will look different in different areas of Brightspace as they update the look of the text editor.

brightspace old insert stuff text editor button

brightspace new insert stuff text editor button

After you click the Insert Stuff button, you will get a popup of options.  Scroll down to Add Kaltura Media.

brightspace add kaltura media insert stuff menu

Now use the search box at the top or scroll to the video you want to embed.

Click the blue Embed button next to the video.

kaltura embed content popup box

After you have previewed the video, click Insert to insert it into your text editor.

brightspace insert button on kaltura video preview

To finish, click the Update button under the text editor to save your edits.  The video is now embedded in this text area.

kaltura embedded in module description area

Some text editor spaces such as the announcement area or homepage widgets are smaller so the videos do not fit well. If your video is too large or small for a space, use this method to choose a different video size when embedding.

Before you click the blue button to embed the video, click the cog button next to it for embed settings.

kaltura video embed settings brightspace

In the next options window, change the Max Embed Size to the size you wish to use.  You can always delete and try again if the size doesn’t work.

kaltura change max embed size brightspace

Click the blue Embed button to finish the video embed.

Originally we had a setting that required you to unpublish media before you could edit it.  Now you do not have to unpublish videos to edit them.

You can change collaborators, add tags, edit data, and even completely replace the media without unpublishing.

3. Media Gallery

Media Gallery is another space in your course to display video content to students.  Students can also submit their own videos to the Media Gallery.

4. Quizzing

Learn how to use Quizzing within Brightspace.  Video quizzing is the only way to automatically give students credit for watching videos.

  • Create Quiz
  • Embed a Video Quiz
  • Quiz Grading
  • Connecting to the Gradebook

Create video quizzes with 4 different question types.  You can also add multiple quizzes to the same video. Video quizzes can be used inside or outside of Brightspace.

Walkthrough the video quiz settings and quiz questions types.

Kaltura is a little picky about how it handles Multiple Choice answers.  Using the tip below will help you be successful with these questions.  

When creating a MC question, you should ALWAYS put the correct answer in the first answer box.  The green check next to it indicates it is the right answer.

kaltura quiz multiple choice correct answer at top

After you have typed in your answers, click Save below the question.  DO NOT shuffle or move your answer choices yet.

kaltura quiz multiple choice save the question first

When you click Save, the question will close.  Click the cube icon along the video timeline to open the question again to edit.

kaltura quiz click cube icon to edit an existing question

You can now move the order of your answers.  You can do this 2 ways:

  • press the Shuffle button at the top or
  • manually move a question by clicking the left edge of the answer box and dragging it to the location you choose.

kaltura quiz answer shuffle options

After your questions are shuffled, press Save again.

*Note: The final order of your answers is the order the students will see.  The answers will not be shuffled for each student viewing.

Use this tutorial if you need to move a question to a different part of the video quiz.

A video quiz can be embedded exactly like a video but we strongly recommend that you only embed the video using the Existing Activites method.

See the Embedding Videos section of this page for more information about embedding using the Existing Activities menu.

Quizzes will technically still work if embedded using the Insert Stuff method but that method has a few quirks.  If you really see a need to embed a video quiz through the Insert Stuff tool, please contact the IDAT team so we can discuss how this will work with your gradebook.

There are 4 question types but only 2 are graded.  

True/False (T/F) and Multiple Choice (MC) questions are graded.  Each is worth a percentage based on how many questions are on the quiz.

Example: if you have a mix of 3 T/F or MC questions, each is worth 33%.

kaltura submitted video quiz with 33 percent correct

When you connect the quiz to the Brightspace gradebook, you can choose any points total for the Grade Item.  The students percent score for the video quiz will transfer over to whatever points total you have chosen.

Ex: If you set a 60 point total for the quiz, a student with a 33% will receive 20 points.

Reflection point questions are just a pause in the video and are not graded.

Open ended questions can be reviewed but they are also not graded.  You can see the question answers in the Quiz analytics. 

Once you have embedded the video quiz, in the bottom right corner you can connect a grade item.

brightspace kaltura video quiz add grade item

Click on Add a grade item... to set your grade item.

  • Choose a grade item from the list if you have already created one or click the + button to create a new grade item. You can give it any name or points total you choose.
  • Choose No Grade to leave the quiz embedded but not connect it to the gradebook.
  • If you do not assign a grade item or choose No Grade, a grade item with be automatically created for you when the 1st student takes the quiz. It will have the same name as the quiz.  It will not be in a specific category and will default to a 10 point value.

5. Assignments

Since students also have access to managing and creating videos with Kaltura, it is perfect for use with student projects.

  • Setup Assignment for Student Videos

You can easily set up a Brightspace Assignment to collect student Kaltura videos to view.  No video download needed.

Go to Activities -> Assignments and set up a New Assignment like you usually would.

To easily collect video submissions, in the Submission & Completion menu on on the right choose Text Submission as the Submission Type.

brightspace assignment text submission submission type

This will give the students a text editor and allow them to insert a video.

After a student has submitted their video, you will be able to watch the video embedded on the submission view page and give feedback as usual.

kaltura brightspace assignment user video submission


When you have set up the assignment, students will see a text box.  They will be able to use the Insert Stuff button to embed the video within this text box.

Then they just hit submit and it is embedded and ready for you to view.

kaltura brightspace assignment user view video submission


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