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Using infographic assignments in your classroom

Exercise & Sports Science professor Melinda Campbell, Ph.D, recently made an infographic assignment in her ESS 300 Issues and Management class. We caught up with Dr. Campbell to see how it went.  You will find some links to the assignment rubric and tutorials on how students can use Google Draw and Excel to create infographics.

Can you give us a description of the assignment? 

They had all selected a fictitious organization they were leading and they had to produce an infographic related to their business.  I did not get too elaborate the first time but gave them info on it and links that IDAT provided.  I was pleasantly surprised that they knew so much already and had no difficulty with the technology tools.  They copied a lot of ideas they found and we had discussions about that but they got the idea.

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Why did you decide to do it?

I decided to do it because I knew it was an important and popular technology that they might find themselves having to do in a career sometime in the future.  Even though I was not totally up to speed on it – I took the leap and it turned out OK. Definitely some ways to make it better for the future came up but I did it because I knew it was a future marketing skill they needed.

What was the outcome, including student feedback? 

They were highly engaged and whipped out an infographic within the short time frame I gave them.  It was posted on Facebook pages. They were not all that fabulous b/c it was highly simplified….could have been better….  they definitely understood the concept. They seemed to enjoy the hands on activity.

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