Alternative Assessment Methods For Online Environment

Student learning can be demonstrated through many different but equitable assessment methods. In considering an alternative to an existing assessment, faculty may need to consider alternative assessment strategies with respect to end-of-semester formal exams and/or continuous assessments.

These strategies could be considered as an online alternative to assessments that would generally be carried out in class and/or through face-to-face interaction. They could also be used as an alternative to the end-of-semester exam subject to clear alignment of the assessment task to the module learning outcomes.

Alternative to hard-copy assignment submission

The Assignment tool in Brightspace can be set-up for individual or group assignment submission, accommodating a variety of file formats and allows start and end dates to be specified.

Alternatives to Conducting Oral Examination

Students and staff can use ‘Zoom’ to engage in an online oral examination. This is accessible from Oral assessments should be recorded, for potential access by additional graders or external examiners.

Alternative to in-class test

Online quiz in Brightspace – there are several different quiz types, such as multiple-choice, short answer questions, arithmetic (See ‘Online Quiz’ above).

 Alternatives to in-class presentation

Students can present using the Share Screen feature in Zoom. When scheduling class meetings, make sure to go to Settings and ensure that the All Participants option is selected for Who Can Share during meetings. When students are sharing, they have the option to share a PowerPoint presentation, if the instructor requires them to do so.

Alternatives to group-work assessed task/project

  • Online group discussion task
  • Electronic submission of a ‘Group Assignment’ can also be accommodated via Brightspace (a variety of formats can be accommodated).

Alternative to in-class debate

Critical essay where students present an argument on the topic and submit an essay through Brightspace. Use of Brightspace Discussion Forum-Topics.

Alternative to assessed in-class participation

Online group discussion task has the functionality to assess content and participation. Brightspace ‘Class progress’ functionality for Instructors provides indicative data on individual student engagement with Brightspace module resources.

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Resources: UCD Teaching & Learning Resources & Meredith IDAT Team

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