Using Low-stakes Quiz to Test LockDown Browser

The IDAT team has noticed an increased use of Respondus Lockdown Browser with higher stakes testing.  Waiting until the day of the test for students to download and try out LockDown Browser can give you these problems with limited time to solve them:

  • The file has problems downloading
  • The Quiz is locked until a certain time so the student cannot access the download link for the browser in advance
  • The student may be using the wrong device

The best practice in using Respondus is to schedule a no-credit quiz with unlimited retakes in Brightspace so that students can test their setup prior to taking higher stakes exams.  This will provide the instructor and the students with peace of mind.  LockDown Browser only needs to be downloaded once onto the student’s device and they can access it in the future.

See the link below for additional guides and training opportunities with Respondus:

And this video is specifically for using LockDown Browser with Brightspace.

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