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Add Extended Time and Accommodations to Brightspace Quizzes and Assignments

Life happens and a student suddenly needs more time on a quiz or paper. No problem! With Brightspace you can add Special Access to any Quiz or Assignment.

Special Access allows you to add exceptions for specified students for Assignments and Quizzes. You can

  • change State Date, Due Date, and End Date
  • allow more time on a Quiz
  • allow multiple attempts on a Quiz
  • create an Assignment or Quiz only available to certain students

Special access is frequently needed as accommodations for students serviced by Disability Services. These special access accommodation can be added on a quiz by quiz basis but you can now add accommodations by student across all quizzes. Read more about how to do that on this blog post.

Special Access for Quizzes

Adding Special Access to Quizzes if found when editing the Quiz under the Restrictions tab. Watch the video below about how to set up these Special Access options.

Special Access for Assignments

For the new Assignment experience, you can find Special Access under the Availability Dates & Conditions section.

Brightspace special access section under the availability dates and conditions section

For the classic Assignment experience, you will find it under the Restrictions tab.

brightspace classic assignment restriction tab

In either layout, the creation of Special Access is the same.

First, choose whether you are allowing a few specific users to access outside the normal dates for the assignment. Or you can choose only let certain users be able to view this specific assignment.

Pick which instance you want to use then click Add Users to Special Access.

brightspace special access add or restrict access

From here you can add changes in any of the dates you choose. Then check the box next to any users that need this Special Access. Click Save.

brightspace assignment special access dates and student selection

The active Special Access granted will display now. You can even add multiple Special Access instances for the same assignment. In the example screenshot, we have one student end date for the 18th and a second student with an end date of the 20th.

brightspace add multiple special access to one assignment

If you need any help navigating Special Access or setting up specific accommodation requirements for a student, please contact IDAT for additional help.

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