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Using Films on Demand in Brightspace

Faculty have access to thousands of educational and documentary videos from Infobase’s Films on Demand. This is a fantastic resource on campus and you can learn more about it on the Carlyle Campbell Library website.

This post focuses specifically on how to easily use this resource in Brightspace. It is possible share with a link to a video but with just a few clicks you can add these videos directly into your Brightspace content.

Where can I embed videos?

The embed method uses the Insert stuff button from the HTML text editor. So videos can be embedded anywhere you see the text editor: Content area, Discussions, Assignments, etc.

Embedding videos

Start with any HTML text editor.

*For adding to the Content area, you will want to choose Upload/Create then Create a File to open a new HTML editor.

Click the Insert Stuff buton.

brightspace new insert stuff text editor button

On the popup window, scroll down and click Films on Demand.

brightspace insert stuff films on demand option

Search for videos by typing in the search bar and press Enter.

brightspace films on demand search bar

Use the filter options to refine your search as needed.

To embed a video, click the Embed button to the right of the video. An option menu will dropdown to let you choose an embed size.

brightspace films on demand embed options

Click Insert on the video preview page.

brightspace films on demand insert preview

The video has now been embedded into the text editor and you can add text and save as usual.

We love methods to add quality course content quickly! If you have questions about this, please contact the IDAT team.

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