IDAT News Updates in Google

Join us in the new IDAT News chat space on Google!

Get IDAT news & updates 1x/week + training and critical announcements from Brightspace, Kaltura, etc..  As a Google Chat space, this is a group that you can leave/join at any time.  No more missing out on any training or blog updates.

Purpose of the space

This space will function more like a newsletter than a conversation space.  It will be for updates and questions relevant to the news shared or training offerings.  

We are always looking for better ways to communicate all our training offerings and new resources with the campus community so we hope you will join us in this new space.

IDAT new google chat space screenshot


⁍ No spamming! This is a space for updates and relevant questions.  If you have a technical question, please submit a ticket.  We love hearing from you but please keep unrelated conversation to other channels to keep notifications limited.

⁍ Submit tickets.  If you have questions unrelated to updates or need help, please submit a ticket by emailing

⁍ Use the threaded reply option.  If you have a question about a specific new item or update, please add it to the thread of that item/update.  This keeps the questions in the relevant sections.

Join our News space

It is easy to join the news space.  

This space is strictly for internal news so if you are signed into Google with your email address, the chat will open right up.

Link to the IDAT News Google chat space

We hope this serves you well to keep updated with our campus news.  If you have any questions about the new chat space or any of our other offerings, please email us.

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