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Quicker Gmail and Events using Google Contacts Groups

Chances are you have a group of people you regularly email or add to calendar events. Well here is a little tip to make it just a little quicker for you!

Using Google Contacts

It is easy to search up faculty and staff emails but through Google Contacts you have more control. You can create personal contact groups, add notes about your contacts, and see the full contact directory for the college.

Access Google Contact quickly through the Google Apps Launcher within any of the Google Apps.

google contacts through the google apps launcher

Pull contacts from the campus directly into your personal contacts list or create your own contacts.

google contacts screenshot with parts highlighted

Why use contact groups

Now that you have populated your personal contact list, you can create contact groups. Contact groups are used in Gmail and Calendar to quickly add your group to a message or event. No more typing out every email!

Another benefit of contact groups is to update group members in one place. When a new member needs to be added, just put them into the contact group and you won’t forget them on the next update email or group call.

gmail with google contact group
google calendar event with google contact group

How to make a Google Contacts group

Groups in Google Contacts are called Labels just like labels in Gmail. You can create any custom labels to add to contacts. These labels are just for your personal use and only appear in your Google Contacts so create them however they work for you.

Select the contacts you want to group and label. Then click the label icon in the toolbar to manage labels.

google contacts manage label icon

Choose Create label from the dropdown menu and type your new label into the popup box. Click Save.

google contacts create label popup

The new label now appears in the sidebar of the Contacts page along with the number of contacts with that label.

google contacts with new label highlighted

And that is it! Your group is created and ready to use in your Gmail and events.

For any questions or help with Google Contacts please contact the IDAT team.

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