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Improve Project & Task Consistency with Rubrics

Rubrics are a set of clear explanations or criteria used to help staff, faculty and students focus on what is valued in a work project, subject, topic, or activity (Russell, & Airasian, 2012). Strong components of a well-developed rubric include aspects of a task which may be considered when making a judgment about performance on that task, different weightings for different criteria and levels of attainment (which may include grade level descriptors).

Depending on the project or assignment, users can select between 2 different kinds of rubrics, those being descriptive and holistic. During this presentation, we will go into detail on how to develop a reusable and efficient rubric, in addition to providing examples of rubrics currently used in the office and classroom.

Rubric Intro

Rubric Use Cases & Examples

Now we’ll look at a variety of rubric examples. We are not endorsing or affiliated with any of these groups only highlighting rubric examples they have provided.

Simple holistic rubric

A simple holistic scoring rubric for a business plan competition. From Virtual Enterprises International.

simple holisitic rubric from virtual enterprises international

Complex initiative evaluation rubric

A complex, multi rubric initiative evaluation. Each rubric is extremely detailed and interactive. Even the titles of each column are more descriptive than the usual Poor, Fair, etc. From the Laudes Foundation.

initiative evaluation rubric laudes foundation

Best practices rubric

This is a rubric for rubrics, essentially a best practices rubric. From Oregon State.

rubric of rubrics from Oregon State

Scholarship and fellowship applicant rubric

A blog post with a holistic and descriptive rubric examples for assessing scholarship/fellowship applicants. From Submittable.

scholarship applicant rubric from submittable

Process planning rubric

A rubric for process plans. This rubric is for a continuous improvement plan which already has a specific process here at Meredith but you can use the basics to plan for many different processes for a department or team. From University of Central Arkansas.

process plan rubric from University of Central Arkansas
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