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Kaltura Pages, Channels, and Playlists

Kaltura MediaSpace is a robust, YouTube like options for video storage and publishing available to the whole campus community.  It can be a bit confusing to understand the different terms and options so this is an illustration of how a Kaltura page works vs a channel.

Kaltura page

A Kaltura page (or gallery) is a high level page that can be found in the site navigation.  They can house multiple channels.

These are created by the IDAT team by request so please put in a ticket if you would like to discuss a page.

This screenshot shows the Software Training page found in the navigation dropdown under Faculty & Staff.

kaltura software training page

Kaltura channel

This is like a YouTube channel and multiple channels can be added to a page.  Media can be added individually or as playlists.

Pages and channels can have separate viewing permissions.  A page may be visible to any logged in campus user but have a channel that is only visible by a specific group on campus.

This screenshot shows the IDAT Software Training channel found on the Software Training page. A channel can have a description and cover image.

kaltura IDAT software training channel

You can also create channels individually that are not published to a Kaltura page. These can be private to you or shared out with a link. Create a channel by clicking your user name and go to the My Channels option in the menu.

Kaltura playlist

Multiple playlists can be created for channels. Create a channel playlist by choosing Create channel playlist from the channel’s action menu in the top right corner.

kaltura create channel playlist menu option screenshot

You can also create individual playlist for sharing and embedding. Create a individual playlist by clicking your user name and go to the My Playlists option in the menu

Pages vs Channels

For a more visual example of how pages, channels, and playlists interact together, check out this graphic of page setups.

A wire frame of a Kaltura page with channels opening up to a channel with playlists

If you’d like to set up a Kaltura page or need any help with channels and playlist, please reach out to IDAT.

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