Charles Bowden

I'm an Academic Technology Systems Specialist at Meredith College. I work with faculty and students to resolve issues related to their Brightspace courses and associated technologies.

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Brightspace Overview

Brightspace is a big topic but let’s get started with this general overview about using in at Meredith College. This overview is meant to give you a taste of the possibilities when using the Brightspace software. If you have more specific questions or topics you would like to explore, jump over to the Brightspace section …

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Taming Zoom Video with Kaltura

Teaching since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic has forced many instructors into the virtual world and out of the physical classroom.  With these Zoom videos piling up, instructors are looking for options to store, edit and embed these videos into courses.  Many instructors have found their solution with the Kaltura Video Platform. Streamlining the …

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