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Benefits of Implementing Course Templates in Your Department

Around the world, instruction is increasingly delivered asynchronously online, with educators facing new challenges and searching for ways to maintain rigor and quality content. As online education has emerged across mainstream higher education, an increasing number of MPA programs are offering online courses, hybrid courses and entire degree programs online (Naylor and Wilson, 2009; Powell, 2007). …

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PowerPoint Accessibility Module

This eLearning module will provide step-by-step instructions and best practices for making your PowerPoint presentations accessible to people with disabilities. When your slides are accessible, you unlock your content to everyone and people with differing abilities can read and use your slides. You learn, for example, how to add alt texts to images so that people using screen readers …

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Using Anonymous Grading (& Why You Should)

Anonymous grading can help provide better outcomes for learners, instructors, and the organization because: Test-takers can receive results faster so they know the areas in which they’re excelling and areas where they can improve. A lot of logistical needs can be automatically taken care of for instructors and markers, enabling them to spend more time working with learners. The process …

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Organize Assignments in Brightspace

Organize your assignments into categories to make it easier for users to navigate to the appropriate assignment. For example, you can create separate categories for course units, summative projects, bonus assignments, and individual submissions. Your new category will appear on the Assignments page only if there are assignments associated with it. Watch the video below to learn …

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Accessibility & Inclusion Statement for your Course

Including a diversity statement on your syllabus can set the tone for your classroom environment. It shows students that you value and respect difference in intellectual exchange, and are aware of current campus conversations surrounding diversity (UX Collective). In addition, it is important for professors to set a tone of respect and positive regard at …

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