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View Quiz Submissions and Event Log in Brightspace

You’ve successfully set up and administered a quiz through Brightspace. But now what kind of information can you see about student quizzes?

I’ll walk you through the steps of viewing student quiz submissions. This is especially helpful if you have allowed multiple quiz attempt or are using the new feature that allows students to retake only questions they missed on the first attempt.

You can also look at the Quiz Event Log to see information on time spent on the quiz and each question.

Quiz submissions

From the Activities tab, select Quizzes.

brightspace activity menu quiz

On this page, next to the quiz you would like to view, select the chevron next to it, then select Grade.

brightspace quiz grade

On this page, all student attempts/submissions will be listed here. To view an attempt, click the hyperlink “attempt 1”.

brightspace quiz attempt

See the quiz event log

When you reviewing the quiz attempts in Brightspace, select the student’s attempt you want to view like in the steps for viewing submissions.

brightspace quiz attempt

On this following page, select Quizzes Event Log

brightspace quiz attempt single page

This will bring up the quiz event log for that particular student. Here, you will be able to see when they have started the quiz, and how long it took them to complete each question. You will also be able to track down their IP address by selecting the IP address checkbox shown in the screenshot below.

brightspace quiz event log

As always, if you have Brightspace questions or need help with your quizzes, please contact the IDAT team for assistance.

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