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Brightspace Rubrics Basics

Rubrics are like a magical tool in Brightspace. If you’ve set up a rubric, with just a few clicks you can grade an assignment with consistent, clear feedback for your students. Plus you can use the same rubrics year after year, course after course. Sounds good!

Why rubrics?

If you’ve never used a rubric before or haven’t converted them for use with a digital class, here are a few reason to use rubrics for all your courses!

“Among practitioners, there is general agreement that rubrics do expedite the grading process and make it seem more objective and fair to students. Among students, there is agreement that rubrics clarify expectations and are especially useful as they prepare assignments. The researchers recommend “educating instructors on the formative use of rubrics to promote learning by sharing or co-creating them with students in order to make the goals and qualities of an assignment transparent, and to have students use rubrics to guide peer and self-assessment and subsequent revision.” (p. 444)

Reddy, Y. M., and Andrade, H. (2010). A review of rubric use in higher education. Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education, 35 (4), 435-448.

Rubric training

Here’s a video training presented by Instructional Designer Stacy Muse for Brightspace rubrics. It covers instructions on setting up rubrics in the Brightspace rubrics tool and how to associate the rubric with an assignment.

Where can students view graded rubrics

You’ve created a rubric, attached it to an assignment, and used it for grading. Now where can students see it?

From the homepage of your course, select Grades:

brightspace grades tab

Next to the item that was graded will be the score earned on the assignment, as well as the rubric developed for it. To view the rubric, select View Graded Rubric

brightspace graded rubric in list

This will bring you to the graded rubric. The selections that the instructor made on the rubric that resulted in the grade will be highlighted in blue: 

brightspace graded rubric example

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