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New Quiz Creation Experience in Brightspace

Brightspace is working to build a consistent creation experience throughout the platform and the newest update is with Quiz Creation. This is just like the changes to Assignments, so if you have been using the Assignment tool it will look familiar.

The new Quiz Creation Experience is currently set to opt-in. That means you can turn it on and off. Eventually, this will become a permanent change so we suggest getting used to the new layout.

When you start creating a new quiz or edit a current quiz, you will see this slide in box informing you of the change. Click the “Leave it on” button to continue or the “Turn it off” button to use the old quiz creation view.

brightspace new quiz creation experience optin

If you turn off the new Quiz Creation Experience, you can always turn it back on by clicking the tab for the slide in box at the top of the quiz page.

brightspace new quiz creation experience tab

You can toggle seamlessly between both layouts. You will not lose any work by changing in the middle of creating a quiz.

The New Layout

brightspace new quiz creation layout

The primary panel of the layout contains the most frequently used fields. Others are in the collapsible boxes on right of the primary panel.

The collapsible boxes should contain all options available for previous quiz creation except

  • Displaying start/end dates on the calendar (due dates automatically show on calendar)
  • Associating learning outcomes with quiz questions

Both these options will be available in the future or can be accessed by toggling on the old quiz experience.

Simplified options

Although the new experience contains the same options as the old experience, some have been streamlined and simplified. For example, the submission view is now of dropdown list of easy to understand options.

brightspace new quiz creation experience submission view dropdown

To learn more about this update, check out this Brightspace article about the new Quiz Creation Experience. We are also happy to talk with you and walk through the new layout. Just email the IDAT team.

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