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Appointment Booking Page in Google Calendar

A new feature recently made its debut in Google Workspace, and that feature is Appointment Schedules in Google Calendar. Available to faculty, staff, and students at Meredith College, the appointment schedule feature lets you create a bookable appointment schedule page that lets anyone with an email address select a time to meet with you. This new feature differs from the existing Appointment Slots feature in that appointment slots are limited to people within an organization, while appointment schedules allow public access. Eventually, appointment schedules are intended to replace appointment slots. 

With the new appointment schedule, you set your available dates and times, including the ability to limit the number of appointments scheduled each day, as well as set buffer times so you have a break between sessions.  When setting up your booking page, you can choose to meet in person, via phone call, or using Google Meet. After an appointment is set up, you also can choose to make the appointment a Zoom meeting. In addition, both you and your clients receive email notifications as confirmations and reminders.

Take a look at the video below for a quick overview of Google Calendar Appointment Schedules. For more information, contact the IDAT team.

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