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Course Accessibility Report- ALLY

In the first Ally blog post, we discussed that Ally provides feedback on the accessibility of your course content and guidance on how to fix any identified accessibility issues. In addition, Ally provides instructors with a method for looking at the accessibility status of all of the items in the content areas of the course at one time. This tool is the Course Accessibility Report.

Navigate to the My Brightspace drop-down menu on the home page of your course. This feature is only available to the instructor of the course.

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Once selected the Course Accessibility Report may take a few minutes to process. You will find that there are two tabs on the report: Overview and Content

The Overview tab provides the instructor with an accessibility summary and an overview at the course level.

The overview tab displays the following information:

  • The overall accessibility score for the course.
  • The distribution of course content by content type.
  • The number of low-scoring content.
  • The number of severe issues that should be repaired.
  • A list of issues by their severity.
ally course accessibility score overview

The Content tab displays the name of each content item, the number of accessibility issues, and the score which is shown by a gauge and a percentage.

ally course accessibility score content tab

Start your repair work on the content that is low scoring and has a red gauge.   

For more information on making your course content accessible using Ally and other tools, please refer to the Library of Accessibility Resources in Brightspace. For other posts on Digital Accessibility check out the Digital Accessibility & UDL page on this blog.

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